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Back from Chicago

We did so many things in Niagara and Chicago!  Glad I chose to go in the end.  6 Singaporean travellers conquering Niagara and Chicago :O)


Treat you guys to a first (ok second) hand view of the falls :O)  Actually the Niagara Falls is actually made up of 2 different falls (maybe that's why it's plural huh :P).  There's the American Falls, which I think is a pale shadow of it's neighbour, and there's the Horseshoe Falls, which is absolutely stunning.  After that, we went over to the catacombs of Niagara.. fascinating stuff, like straight out of a computer game.

And if that was not enough, I'm sure this would look familiar to some of you RPG players :P

Anyway.. I was also lucky enough to catch a suicidal chameleon (actually a gecko), as it was about to attempt to jump off the rock and experience the 'falls'

Don't jump Gilbert!!  It's not worth it!! 

I'm sure this is the scene of David Copperfield's famous escape act many years back on tv.  With all the mist around, it sure makes a good scene for a little magic :)

And time for another random fact to fascinate all ur friends:  did you know that the water in Niagara in winter flows at only half the speed of that in summer?  This is the winter Niagara, imagine what it'll look like going down at twice the rate!

Ok gotta go, more on Chicago soon!  We watched a Blues act, Wicked, and the Chicago Bulls at the United Center!!
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