My Semester in Montreal (offtomontreal) wrote,
My Semester in Montreal

Off to Niagara and Chicago!

Finally done with a crazy 2-3 days of school, and in another 3 hours we'll be heading off to Niagara Falls and then to Chicago for the weekend! 

Here's a photo (one of the very few that I have on Tremblant). Just after I decided to get off the fence and go skiing.

Yup, but anyway we're off to Niagara and Chicago!  Lionel, Sherlyn, Zhixiang, Ethan, Terence and I, a merry band of 6... to jazz city :)  Want anything from there?  Drop me an email and I'll see if I can (1) read the email in time, and (2) find the thing that you want.

Happy Easter everyone!  As my Talmudic Law professor said, resurrection has a central place in both Jewish faith and Christian faith, but for different reasons.  go figure..

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