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Skiing at Mount Tremblant!

What a day today!  We went up Mount Tremblant, which is supposed to be the best ski slope in East Canada!  2 carloads of Singaporeans.  Cali, Sherlyn, Hansheng, Jacky and Mom, Sam and Yvonne, Lionel and his 3 stooges (Terence Ethan and I), and Andrew :O) 

The day started with breakfast at this American breakfast place near Sam's place, which was about $5 per person, and really quite nice, although I cooked noodles for myself in the morning, so I just drank tea :P  (save a bit of $$ lah..)  And then we took sometime heading off because some (particular) people didn't really sleep much the night before so we had to wait for them :P 

Actually I wasn't too keen on skiing, cos Tremblant prices are apparently very 'steep' (hurhur..)  But then in the end we only reached there in time for the half day pass, so it amounted to about $90 bucks with taxes added, so it actually was quite ok.. and since I probably will never ski again for the next 100 years, and also had hansheng as a ski partner, I went for it! 

And it was SO FUN!!  Ok, except the part where you have to put your skis back on after you fall, on the slope.  There were times I took 30 mins just trying to lock the skis back onto the ski boots!  It's actually a very tricky manoeuvre, I don't know why Canadians seem to be born with the ability to do it.  First you have to put one ski on (which will take about 5 mins), then you have to cut that foot with the ski into the side of the slope so that you can balance on it and one of the ski poles, while trying to lift your other foot up (with the heavy ski boots), then trying to find some way to knock the hardened snow off the sole of that boot, and then trying to fit that boot into the other ski (must be exactly the right position and angle) and transfer all your weight to that boot so that it will lock into the ski. 

Sounds easy?  try doing that on a 30 degree slope, and soft snow...

Anyway, apart from that I'm fortunate to have come away relatively unscathed.  There was just one fall where I ended up face down on the slope, with both skis facing opposite directions and hooked to each other in a straight line.  Any bit worse and my ligaments could have gone!  But yah everything feels ok now :O) 

There was another incident with the ski chair lift that was rather harrowing, but if you want to know about that one, ask me about it and I'll decide whether to tell you about it or not :P

But yes, now I'm safe and warm at home at last, 11pm, getting ready for bed after finding out that Man U won and Arsenal drew again, and that Hansheng still has enough energy to watch the first race of the new F1 season at 12 midnight later.

However, I'm not the man I used to be, and I have my eye to rest, and church to wake up for, and an entire day of presentation prep and project work to do tomorrow. 

I had fun today though.  The ski slopes were truly magnificent, a mark of God's creation and an experience of a lifetime :)
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