April 19th, 2008

Birthday past, that means I'm done with exams!! WOOHOO!!

Hey all of you who still have exams, guess what, I'm done!!  woohoo!!  Finished on the 16th (technically my last paper was in the early morning on the 17th, Singapore time).  And the Lord also gave me a great birthday present in the amazing warm temperature of 20 degrees celsius!  :)

So I woke early in the morning (meaning.. 8.30am..), and took a walk down Old Montreal!  Haven't manged to take a stroll like that in a long time, and I didn't even need my jacket!  Took it off after a while cos it was too warm.  A nice walk overlooking the St Lawrence river.. some remnants of snow melting... reflecting on the semester that has gone by, and what lies ahead, a time to just pray and listen :)

Penniless Pirate
After that I got back, and got hooked on playing puzzle pirates!  hahaha!  anyway the typical gambling show thing happened to me.. poor me.  I was playing Spades, which is my favourite game now.  It's like a combination of Hearts, German bridge and normal Bridge together.  As usual, because of my sheer intelligence, I started out winning every single game, so I thought it was a great way to make a killing and earn enough pieces of eight to kickstart my Puzzle Pirate career! 

However, at the critical game, at which I wagered 500 pieces of eight, I tried to zoom in my laptop screen, which hanged my com, and logged me out of the programme!  And such I lost the 500, when we could have easily won 1000 each!  I felt bad for my partner too.. cos we were doing so well until then.

Well eventually cos the internet got cut for a while again, I lost another 200.  And then because of bad partners I lost another 2 games, and ended up PENNILESS!!  Poor pirate... :(  oh well.. guess I'll just have to do a little more bilging...

[If you didn't understand any of the above, either go play Puzzle Pirates, or just laugh and pretend you understand my plight.. if not you can ask me about it :O)]

Birthday Dinner
Anyway after that the 4 of us (Lionel, Ethan, Terence and I) went out for dinner at this sports bar called Les3brasseurs!  We were eating dinner and watching the 5th game of the play-off series between the Montreal Canadians (the best team in the world.. as they all say in these parts..) and the Boston Briuns!

So the best team scored in the first quarter, and everyone was happy!  Before the Bruins ruined everything by scoring, and scoring, and scoring and scoring.. and.. scoring..  and the game eventually ended up 5-1.

Anyway.. Ethan went to the toilet, to buy me this really mini-cake from the cake-shop nearby! :)  It was a really cute cake actually.. small and round and chocolate flavoured :P.  Apparently he lit the candle at that cake shop, and brought the cake all the way with the candle lit!  The humour of it wasn't lost on those around too, and this guy was following behind Ethan cheering him on as he walked from cake shop to dinner place.  Thanks guys!  appreciate all the effort :P  you all have been great pals!

So after dinner I treated them to coffee, and we learnt that 'glace' was pronounced 'glar-say' instead of 'glass'.  After dinner we went home to play a game of German bridge, then I sat to reply all the facebook birthday greetings before going to bed.

And there were so many greetings!  It's amazing, appreciate all of them, especially those from people I have hardly talked to in the past year! :P 

So that was my birthday, my first one spent overseas, away from all my loved ones at home :)
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