April 16th, 2008

The Day Before My Last Paper

It's all going to be over tomorrow.. last paper Restitution.  What a semester it has been.  Thought I'd take some time to jot down some thoughts and experiences.

Running for Exco
After spending much of this semester thinking and praying and considering, I told Jasmine yesterday that I'd accept any nomination for exco.  Heard just now that I've been nominated for chair, so i guess it'll be exciting times ahead next year.  But still, I'm disappointed at the state things are at this year in terms of exco nominations, looks like it's at an all time low.  By this time (the final FT) nominations are meant to be closed, meaning that all nominations should be in, however so far, it's just Liz and I running for exco.  That means there are still 8 places not filled, and nobody seems to want to do anything about it, or even care about it... which is rather tragic. 

I know some people are praying, that God will bring the people that are needed, but these are only the precious few. 

Already, it was an unprecedented phenomenon last year when the exco was made up of 9 Arts people.  What's happening with the rest of the faculties and halls?  Is this a reflection of the way things are with the believers in university these days?  Usual responses are "i don't feel for it"  "serving in church"  "busy doing other things", or even "i don't agree with what the exco is doing"  or 'i don't see how exco is relevant", how valid are these responses? 

But I know one thing that the Lord has called me to do is to be available for His work, whatever it takes.  I know I'm far from adequate for the job, especially considering the many great people who have graced the seat before me.. (chair.. seat.. haha).  Let's see where this leads.  Who else will respond to the Lord's call?  Who will even be un-distracted enough to hear His still small voice?  Could it be that the Lord is calling, but no one is hearing, because everyone is caught up doing their own things?

The Chosen People
On quite another issue,  it's been a humbling and eye-opening experience learning about the Jewish faith this semester from my Talmudic Law professor, who's a Rabbi in a local Beth-din here in Montreal.  Isn't it a tragedy, the way the whole Jewish tradition has turned out??  A chosen people, proclaiming revelation by the Lord Almighty from Sinai, then claiming rabbinic authority to shape the law in whichever way they want.  Also, how when the 'light' finally shone in the darkness, the darkness did not understand it.  The Jewish faith is one that is so profoundly different from the Christian faith, that I'd highly recommend studying more about it to anyone who wants to seek and know God better.  Their understanding of the Torah, of Biblical passages as we know it today, is so different from the popular Christian conception of such passages these days, which also highlights the need for Biblical literacy amongst the Christian believers today. 

Whose understanding is right?  2 parallel narratives (actually, its 3 if you consider the Islamic interpretation of things).  Where is God in the midst of all these? 

The Eye...
'the eye is the lamp for the body', how i long for the day i can see well again... it's been almost a year since that day I woke with my right eye swollen, since the bad fever that killed my year 2 final exams.  Things haven't been all 'bright and beautiful' since, and the Lord's hand has been heavy on me, though He still brought divine encouragement from time to time since (at People's church, then at the MCF retreat, and also at Times' Square church, and also through the worship leading of one of my dear PCG members :O)).  But where is this all leading?  Is this the thorn in my flesh? 

I'm more used to it these days.. sometimes i forget the problem is there.. and sometimes it feels ok.. but then it comes back, and i remember it's still there..

ok off to sleep..