April 2nd, 2008

Chicago and WORK!!


As one of the locals in the city remarked, "Chicago is just like New York, only the people are friendlier!".  True, and I loved it.  The home of the blues... and the Bulls!!

Let's start with a photo of their 'metro' system.  It's above ground, and it's really nice, in an old, rustic kind of way.  This entire platform is just one level above the street.  Well, when the whole city is densely packed with insanely tall buildings, there's really no other way. 

and if chicago had a lot of 'shady figures'.. that's one of them on the right! :)

Unfortunately the first day we were there it was SNOWING!  almost like we brought the snow with us from Montreal.  And the mist was so thick that we couldn't even see the top of some buildings!  Quite a surreal experience really.

Another side-ways photo.  We watched Wicked the musical!  Which was another quite amazing experience, a retelling of the wizard of oz. 

and another one!  After the musical we headed over to the United Centre, once the home of His Air-ness :)  We watched the Chicago Bulls vs Indiana Pacers, and it was great fun!  Action all round, with lots of hilarious games played during the time-outs as well.  NBA is really one huge merchandise.  Good entertainment.

Ok I really wanna talk more about Chicago, but work is piling up, and I think I'm falling a little sick.  I've got a 25 page research paper due in 2 weeks which i haven't started on, and 3 exams coming up in 2 weeks too.. so it's gonna be busy.  Will try to squeeze in some time to blog, but well.. haha let's just see if it happens.